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A Tale of Two JNCs


It is likely that the most commonly complimented product group we have is our Jump-N-Carry jump starter offering. We hear from people all over, in use cases as diverse as a tow operation and a retired couple traveling the roads of North America. But, the JNC stories we receive almost always have one thing in common – the incredible power and reliability of Jump-N-Carry jump starters. Here are just two recent examples.

“I was sick and tired of failed ‘jump starter packs’. So, I did some research and found that the JNC1224 had great reviews. I needed a unit to start my trucks and, especially, my 24 volt pieces of equipment, including emergency generators. I have had my unit going on three years and it is left plugged in on ‘standby’ 24/7, with no negative effect on the batteries. This is, to the best of my knowledge, the most powerful and reliable jump starter available. I never say anything I can’t prove from experience.”

Pelham, NH

“I was at a family reunion and 6 to 8 family members’ cars would not start. Who would ever guess something like that would happen in one day? A few members doubted that it would jump off. They were used to using cables running from car to car. I pulled my JNC660 out and got every one up and running. It convinced them. Now, 4 of them have purchased their own great handy machine. Love it!”

Paducah, KY

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