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How Do You Improve On a Classic?


Figure out a way for it to do even more. With the JNCAIR, we took the heart of our leading JNC660 and added several additional features, the most important of which are an air delivery system and extra-long cables with 68” reach.

Like the JNC660, the JNCAIR boasts a battery outputting 1700 Peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps of jump starting power. It is powerful enough to provide numerous jumps per charge and features auto recharging circuitry for hassle-free recharging. Its Clore PROFORMER battery is specifically designed for vehicle jump starting, enabling it to deliver exceptional power, jump after jump, year after year.

It features an integrated air delivery system with a 0-60 psi pressure gauge and overheat protection. Its compressor is powerful enough to fill a 16” passenger vehicle tire from flat in under 8 minutes. And, with its extended 68” cable reach, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to reach vehicle starting points.

If you have ever tried a multi-functional jump starter only to be sorely disappointed by its lack of performance, find out what tow operators, vehicle dealerships, service facilities and others already know – the JNCAIR gets the job done.

When it needs to start, count on Jump-N-Carry

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