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Introducing the LNCPOD


We are happy to introduce the latest accessory in our LED lighting offering, the LNCPOD, or Quad Pod. This accessory item is primarily designed for use with our A/F/S (Area/Flood/Site) light models LNC2150, LNC2251 and LNC2551, but can be used with all Light-N-Carry LED lights.

The LNCPOD provides exceptional stability, with its four legs and tubular steel construction, and is adjustable for height. In addition, it features a quick clamping claw attachment to allow fast, secure attachment of a single light and a bar attachment, which can support 2-4 lights (depending on light size).

So, whether you need to mount one light to illuminate your specific application, or require several lights to meet your needs, the LNCPOD is a great solution for versatile and durable light mounting.

Portable, Powerful, Versatile – Light-N-Carry.

For more information, click here.

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