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JNC Makes Believers Out of Doubters


“I had a guy ask me if I could jump off a big international diesel moving truck he was in. He said he had cables. I was in my wife’s truck, where I keep a JNC660 under the back seat. I asked him if it was 12v system or 24, he had no clue what I was even talking about, but said, ‘I know how to jump it off and which terminal is positive and negative.’

I said, ‘Don’t worry about the cables – I’ve got a jump box to use.’ He looked and laughed, I told him I didn’t have to waste my time helping him if he didn’t want me to. He said, ‘That thing won’t do anything, so I’ll get the cables but go ahead then we can jump it off.’

I told him we might need the cables anyway plus the jump box. He was still looking at me like I was crazy. I hooked up the box to the outboard battery that was easy to reach and told him to get up there and try it. He said, ‘Here, just hook up these cables.’ I told him no, not until I know I
need to.

So, I got in the truck and turned the key, waited for the lights to go out and it fired right up. The guy didn’t believe it and his 2 helpers came out and couldn’t either. The guy tried to give me $300 for the box, but I told him no, just go buy one of his own. He pulled out another hundred and tried to give me 4 hundred dollar bills for my JNC660! I probably should have taken it but I told him you can buy 2 or 3 of them for that money.

He couldn’t believe it. While I was getting in the truck and leaving, all he could do was stand there. I’ve also used the JNC660 I keep in my service truck to start my Komatsu bulldozer with 2 big 4DLT batteries. The JNC660 is the best deal for the money in a jump box, period. I’ve used ‘em for 20 years or so.”

Lexington, GA

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