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JNC Makes the Kids’ Car Workable


“My story came about because of my neighbor. We have a 2002 Ford Explorer for my daughter. When she went to college, she kept the car home and did not drive it anymore. It stayed in the driveway for at least a year and a half.


My younger daughter wanted to take over the car. So, I got it ready and cleaned it up. I threw traditional jumper cables on it. They were connected to my truck. I had it connected to the explorer for quite a while, but nothing to show for it. The explorer clicked but didn’t even act like it wanted to start. I kept it connected for a couple more hours with no luck at all.


My neighbor saw me struggling with it and brought over his Jump-N-Carry. We hooked it up and the car immediately started. I was amazed. He explained he bought all of his kids one because it has always been reliable.


Next day, I purchased one on my own and since have helped quite a few people stranded. Each time I use it, everyone is amazed on how fast the car starts after using traditional cables with no luck.

I will always keep it in my car no matter where I go. It is truly a life saver.”


Henderson, KY

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  1. Used it at home when power want down charge cell phone and plug a lamp for lights. Great to have around the house also .
    Also was able to a stringed driver in a parking lot when his car didn’t started.

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