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JNC Overcomes the Electrical Gremlins

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“I’ve had electrical issues with my Volkswagen Passat ever since I had a high school friend of mine install an aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier. It sounded amazing, but over time, I started running into weird problems with the car, like my seat moving on its own in different positions while I was driving!

I’ll tell you what, it was kinda scary being smushed into the steering wheel or being pulled away from it while on the highway going 60. That’s when I first knew something was very wrong, so I ended up disconnecting the automatic 4 preset modes for seat memory that came equipped with my car. Then, the radio, because it was draining the battery so often and I could even hear the speakers fluttering a sound of bass after the car was off with the key out. It was still taking power and preventing the car from starting.

So, after ripping the car basically apart, electrical-wise, and purchasing a NAPA brand battery that was new, thinking it would solve my issue, sadly I found that the battery I put in was just not strong enough. So, I have to jump my dead car every time I wish to use it.

I bought an expensive jumper pack, the JNC660, to carry around with me that can quickly and easily jump my car every time and it’s nice to know I can rely on something when everything else has failed. That’s my story. Thanks for reading and keep on making great products!

Best regards. Coming to you from the Top of Whiteface Mountain!”

Wolfeboro, NH

5 Responses

  1. Casey you friend did some thing to the wiring in your car to put the subwoofer so until you take it to a stereo place and get it fixed you be caring the Jnc660 which means you need to keep it charged at all times

  2. Kind of a heavy thing to carry around Why not just fix the short or the drain. That’s what real mechanics can do

  3. You need to add a relay at the power source for the amplifier, as it is powered on all the time, running your battery dead. We usually call those parasitic drains, but yours is the wiring of the power amplifier
    Also make sure your fuses at the battery are within 6 (six) inches from the source. This is an industry standard.
    Putting a new battery in only masks the problem until that battery wears down.
    Are you wearing ear plugs when you crank up the sound? I would suggest removing all of that sound equipment, because you are going to have POOR hearing, from the loud music. And you will be wearing hearing aids before you are 30 years old, Do you have any young children riding with you? Now you are damaging the hearing of those young people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have had to do that too. Hopefully you get your car into a stereo install place and they can troubleshoot the vampire drain from the stereo.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I am sure that Casey will appreciate all the tips provided. We love seeing so much participation on this post. Jim from Clore Automotive

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