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For HD Service, We’ve Got You Covered


When it comes to HD service, we have the tools you need to overcome the occasional no start, no matter the size of the equipment to be started, proactively manage your batteries to avoid future no starts, assess the readiness of your equipment to perform the required tasks and properly light your work space when it’s time for service, whether that’s in a garage, on the farm or on the road. Clore Automotive heavy duty service solutions have stood the test of time and are legendary for their performance, reliability and longevity.

Start What Doesn’t Want to Be Started

Even more than in other areas, heavy duty equipment downtime is a costly, truly disruptive force. We know that the entire HD preventive maintenance strategy is designed to avoid downtime events. That said, weather, unanticipated equipment failures and other surprises can still result in costly no start situations. That’s when having a reliable response at the ready can make all the difference. Whether your equipment is medium to smaller heavy duty or the largest of heavy duty implements and vehicles, we have a starting solution for you.

Jump-N-Carry HD and Truck PAC handheld jump starters pack an amazing punch for a portable unit and deliver the power even in the most frigid situations, such as this difficult night for a HD tow operator in Canada. Easy to use and quick to charge, they are the go-to resource for countless service operations around the world. We constantly hear from operators who push these units to the limit and are amazed (like Lorne in the story above) by how well they perform even the toughest tasks. Plus, with automatic charging, long cable reach, 12V power ports and more, they are as convenient as they are powerful.

SOLAR Commercial Starting Equipment is specifically designed to meet the demanding challenges of the Over-the-Road trucking industry and the agricultural industry. Employing multiple sealed, non-spillable AGM batteries, these models deliver extreme starting power to start everything on the road, in a field or on the jobsite. No starting tasks is too great when it comes to these models. Plus, with extra-long, heavy-gauge cables (10’ or 16’), it’s easy to make your connection even on large equipment or difficult-to-access starting points. Model FMB1224 is a special purpose unit for use in mobile HD service. Designed to be mounted on a service vehicle, it is perfect for remote agricultural operations, logging operations and more. It comes complete with a special harness that allows it to be recharged by the alternator of the vehicle in which it is installed.

Keep Your Batteries in Top Shape

For sure, it is critical to have the starting equipment you need to power you through when things go wrong. But, the purpose of a preventive maintenance plan is to avoid those situations as much as possible. That’s where battery maintenance and proactive charging come into play. With PRO-LOGIX, we have everything you need to keep the batteries in your HD equipment in optimal condition, from fast charging large battery packs to overnight maintenance charging of single battery vehicles and implements.

When it comes to HD charging, the new heavyweight champ is our PL6800 100 Amp Flashing Power Supply and Battery Charger. This unit features a maximum charging output of 100A, enabling it to quickly and effectively replenish even the largest 4- and 8-battery packs found in Class 8 trucks and the largest agricultural and industrial implements. When it comes to returning these packs to full charge, it is really a numbers game, since replenishing even an 80% state of charge pack means restoring large amps hours. So, the higher the charge rate, the faster the pack reaches full charge. The 100A rate of the PL6800 means that most packs can be returned to full charge during the typical equipment service window, without delaying the service process. That spells efficiency for your operation and a better state of health for your battery packs, which can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

We also have a variety of other battery chargers for various applications within the HD space, from wheel chargers to portable chargers. For instance, our PL2410 is a great portable charger for 24V vehicles, as it features both 12 and 24 Volt operation and 10A max output. This makes it a great charger for 1- or 2-battery systems as either a charger or maintainer. If you have larger 24V packs or want faster charging, you could move up to our PL3760 wheeled battery charger, which has a maximum 24V charge rate of 20A. Finally, we have several options when it comes to 12V portable charging, with products ranging from our PL2320, which has a maximum charge rate of 20A and is perfect for periodic maintenance charging of 1-4 battery packs, to our 1002, which has a charge rate of 1.5A and is designed for permanent mounting in a vehicle for easy battery maintenance, typically used on vehicles with a single battery.

Monitor Your Batteries as Part of Your PM Program

Having a proactive preventive maintenance charging program is a huge step in keeping your batteries in top shape and getting the longest service life from them, but there’s a second critical component to such a program, and that’s regular testing of your batteries and packs. Regular testing allows you to monitor your packs, understand where they are in their lifecycle and anticipate end of battery and pack life long before it results in a downtime event.

Our BA327 Digital Battery and System Tester can assess six different battery types and has a testing capacity up to 2000CCA, so it can test virtually any lead acid battery type or size installed in your fleet, quickly and effectively. It features our microload technology and temperature compensation for accurate assessment and decisive results. It delivers a CCA result, plus a State of Health rating, State of Charge rating and an internal resistance value. Tracking internal resistance over time is a great way to track batteries and packs through their service life and predict when a particular battery or pack is reaching end of life. The BA327 also features an integrated printer, making it easy to document test results as part of a PM program, and has 10’ cable reach, making it easy to get to the battery(ies) of even the largest vehicles and implements.

Light Your Workspace, No Matter Where You Are

An area that often gets overlooked is work lighting. Whether you have to jump start a big rig, which often happens at the most inconvenient time, or are trying to find a good ground in a large engine compartment in a less than ideally lit shop, having a quality lighting solution can be the difference between hassle and ease.

Light-N-Carry LED Work Light Solutions can help make your repair and maintenance tasks much easier, especially on HD equipment. They feature pleasing, consistent illumination from high quality COB light engines, long run times, easy recharging and high powered magnets that allow secure placement for proper directing of light. Flood light Model LNC2251 is ideal when working on big rigs and implements, with max 1500 lumen output, dual batteries for 8 hours plus of run time on the high setting and a high efficiency Citizen COB light engine for low power consumption and a clean, neutral lighting environment. It has enough strength of output to light a large engine compartment or provide a wide illumination arc for effective under vehicle lighting.

Getting the Most from Your Equipment

Of course, there is much more to operating HD equipment than the electrical system. Whether it’s ongoing maintenance, like fluid management and brake service, or consumable replacement, like tires and belts, there’s a whole lot that goes into the uptime equation. But electrical systems, and batteries in particular, are critical components worthy of your attention and the investment required to properly manage them. At Clore, we have everything you need to service your HD electrical systems effectively and efficiently.

Are you running into a specific HD electrical system issue that has you stumped?
  Or is there something you overcame? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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