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JNC1224 12/24 Volt 3400 Peak Amp Jump Starter


A Favorite in Fleet Maintenance

The Jump-N-Carry JNC1224, 3400 Peak Amp 12/24 Volt Jump Starter, is an essential tool for fleet maintenance mechanics looking for powerful, multi-volt charging in a handheld unit. The JNC1224 packs a heavy-hitting 3400 Peak Amps (850 Cranking Amps) of starting power in 12 Volt mode and 1700 Peak Amps (425 Cranking Amps) of starting power in 24 Volt mode. Its Dual Clore PROFORMER batteries are specifically designed for vehicle jump starting, enable it to deliver exceptional power, jump after jump.

With large quick connect lugs, it is quick and easy to change voltage settings on the JNC1224. Its onboard automatic charger will never get lost and can provide up to 24 Hour/365 Day continuous beneficial charging, so you can keep the unit in an “always-ready” state for immediate use. It features 46” heavy-duty #2 AWG welding cable leads and Industrial Grade Hot JawTM clamps to transfer of power to the disabled vehicle. It also features a virtually indestructible polyethylene case, making it ideal for even the harshest shop environments.

When it needs to start, count on Jump-N-Carry.

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    1. Kent – Thanks for your question. Your best bet is to call our Tech Service line at [800] 328 2921, option 2. They will be able to guide to what you need and get an order entered for you. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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