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JNC770 Keeps the Hybrid Moving


“After reading, “Wait, My EV has a 12 V Battery?”, this article came home to me. You see, I own a Toyota Prius Hybrid. For the past year, my 12V battery kept draining. At first, the technicians at Toyota thought it was just an old battery that finally gave up the ghost (it was 7 years old).


Jump ahead a few months after having the new OEM battery dying out. They put a third battery in the car. This third battery died and lost its juice. Eventually, they realized the problem wasn’t the battery but something in the electronics. I brought the car in, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong… 15 days in the shop. I had to resort to my JNC770R jump back because my car would stop dead at any time while on the road. I couldn’t continue to leave the car at the dealership. The car worked fine for them.


Toyota had a theory what could be wrong but every time I brought it in, they couldn’t replicate the problem. My JNC770R would keep my battery up and running for about two days and then I would have to jump start all over again. Eventually, I had to have the car fail at a convenient time and have it towed to the dealership where they finally pinpointed the problem, something about a DC to DC converter problem. That is my story with my jump pack.”



Swanzey, N

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