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JNCXFE Was a Savior


“Late one evening on my way home from work, I came across a group of young men that were stranded on the side of the road. I really noticed it because the they were trying to work on their car on a busy road that had a very small shoulder – a very unsafe situation.

I pulled ahead of them and walked back to their car to see if I could help them. I asked if they could figure out what was wrong with their car, but they couldn’t and all they could say is that they were driving and it just went dead. I got into the car from the passenger’s side and tried to crank the car. There was nothing. I remembered that I had my JNCXFE in the back of the truck, so I went back and got it from the truck.

I thought it was the alternator, the battery or both. I hooked up the JNCXFE and the car fired right up. But, shortly after I removed it, the car went dead again. I looked and looked for a way to get them off of the shoulder. It was not safe for them to push the car, so I hooked the JNCXFE back to the car and slid the booster into a spot in the car and then closed the hood on the car. With the JNCXFE hooked up, I got the car moved from the shoulder of the road to the other side of the bridge, into the median.

I know that the JNCXFE was a savior and it is the reason that
I only buy Clore products: because of the quality, price and dependability.”

Tallahassee, FL

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