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Old Reliable, Booster PAC


This month, we focus on two Booster PAC stories, one from a user new to Booster PAC and one from a user who has had many years of Booster PAC experience. The common thread in the stories is the superior performance and reliability that Booster PAC delivers to its users/owners.

“This has been a particularly cold winter, with most nights dropping to nearly -40. A few times, I could not start my vehicle even though I had 2 batteries in it. On one occasion, I went to another town (more than 300 miles away with only one town along the way) to do some shopping. After shopping, I could not start the vehicle and had to call for roadside assistance. I had enough. The next day, I ordered the ES5000. The next time I went shopping in the other town, I met someone who had a similar problem and I was able to rescue him from the situation I had experienced. I did not need a boost, but someone else did. The ES5000 performed flawlessly. It is now part of the emergency/winter survival kit I carry.”

Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada


“I was parked in the woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during deer season, 18 miles from anything and about 10 degrees outside. Getting back from hunting at dark, the truck would not start due to a dead battery. So I got my Booster PAC out of the back and used it as designed to get home safe. That was my 10 year old Booster PAC, and it worked like that for me for 17 years before it needed to be replaced. I have kept a Booster PAC in my truck since 1998. I just bought a new one. If it lasts me 17 years, I’ll be 93 when it dies.

Thank you for a very reliable product.”

Norway, MI, USA


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