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Perfect for HD Pickups


We get many calls and emails related to the question of, “What jump started is best for my heavy-duty pickup?” This seems to be a growing area of concern, what with an ever-increasing assortment of HD pickups available in the market today combined with more people having the need for towing capability, whether for commercial purposes or personal use. Naturally, with more HD pickups on the road each year, we get more calls related to servicing them.

Often, the new HD pickup owner presses their automotive jump starter into service. Assuming they have a good one, like the ES5000 or JNC660, it may work out that it will get the job done. If it is a lesser quality product or their HD pickup is a bit cantankerous to start, they might have a real task on their hands when it comes to jump starting it.

pickupsWhen we get those calls, they are easy to answer – we point the caller to our Heavy-Duty 12V Truck PAC, model ES6000. With dual high capacity ES Series batteries, the ES6000 delivers 800 Cranking Amps of starting power (3000 Peak Amps), enough for even the toughest starting tasks. The ES6000 is specifically designed for difficult starting vehicles/equipment, including HD pickups, implements and agricultural equipment. Plus, with long 54” cable reach, it is easy to access the starting points of large vehicles.

And, as we have seen from numerous customer stories, no matter how extreme the conditions, you can count on Booster PAC/Truck PAC jump starters to power you through. Their ES Series batteries are specifically designed for vehicle jump starting and enable them to deliver exceptional power, jump start after jump start. So, when it’s 15˚ below zero and you need to start your F-350, you can rest assured, knowing you have what you need with the ES6000.

For heavy-duty jump starting, you can rely on Truck PAC.

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