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The No Apologies Inverter


SOLAR Power Inverters utilize a proprietary modified sine wave to provide stable, clean and reliable power throughout the operating range of the inverter. This means that SOLAR power inverters deliver their rated output for longer and more reliably than most competing products,
for exceptional real world service in a wide variety of application environments.

The PI20000X delivers 2000 Watts of continuous power and 4000 Watts peak power, enough to run a wide variety of power tools, appliances, electronics and equipment. It features an advanced design using robust components to deliver outstanding performance and exceptional durability. High peak loads, inductive motors, complex electronics, continuous-use application environments – the PI20000X thrives in conditions that bring ordinary power inverters to their knees.\

Like all SOLAR Industrial Grade Power Inverters, the PI20000X model features temperature-activated fan control to eliminate unnecessary draining of the 12 Volt power source when in standby mode. It features three 110VAC outlets, a convenient power display, numerous safety features and an integrated mounting plate for fixed mounting on horizontal or vertical surfaces.

The No Apologies Inverter… from SOLAR

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