The Power and Convenience of the JNC660


“I purchased my JNC660 after reading all the good reviews it had. What I like best is the 1700 peak amperage and the 46″ cables. I had a cheaper jump starter from a discount tool supplier.

[I once tried] to jump start my wife’s car in the pouring rain to get her and my granddaughter home. The battery was still under warranty and the car had been starting with no problems. She had switched the car off, but when she tried to restart the car, the battery was dead. When I tried to jump her car with a cheaper jump starter, it had only enough power to turn the engine less than a half revolution. The starter relay just clicked after that. I was soaking wet and back where I started. I had to go to a nearby friend’s garage to borrow his JNC660. It started the car with no problem at all.

I was using the cheaper jumper with its shorter cables a few days later to start my lawn mower. I had to sit the jumper on the fender of the mower to get the cables to reach the battery. I had one hand on the switch and other on the seat to keep it from hitting the clamps. When the mower started, the jumper fell off the fender pulling the cable out of the clamp. With the JNC660’s 46″ cables, you can sit the jumper at a much safer place to keep it from falling.”

Ken Russell
Locust, NC

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