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Model Number: 4001

SOLAR 12/24-Volt Commercial Jump Starter – Model #4001

If you’ve been wondering how to jump-start a 24 Volt system quickly and safely, the SOLAR Model 4001 12/24-Volt Commercial Jump Starter from Clore Automotive offers a smart solution. Capable of working as a 24V jump starter or a 12V jump starter, the 4001 is a versatile unit that provides endless jumps for auto lots, auction houses and fleet operations. This 12/24 Volt jump starter is also ideal for implement dealerships, agricultural operations, construction operations and other environments where heavy-duty jump starting is a regular occurrence.

Model No. 4001 accommodates two user-installed batteries (up to Group 31 size) to deliver its jump-starting power. This versatile unit features 10-foot 1/0 jumper cable leads, enabling easy access to the starting points on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The pneumatic wheels on this unit make it easy to get it where you need it to go to work on disabled vehicles and machinery. It features an enhanced automatic charging system that enables easy charging and maintenance of the installed batteries when not in use. The charging system can be optimized to properly charge flooded and AGM battery types.

  • 12 and 24 Volt capabilities
  • Accommodates two user-installed batteries (up to Group 31)
  • Charges flooded and AGM batteries
  • Voltage spike protection
  • Automatic reverse polarity protection
  • Timer and off switch, plus detachable output cables, for optimal safety



  • Battery Charger : 7 Amp (Automatic)
  • Battery Type : accommodates (2) Group 31 (user installed)
  • Cable Length : 10′
  • Cable Gauge : 1/0 Welding Cable
  • Indicator Display : Gauge
  • Cold Cranking Amps – 12 Volt : based on batteries installed
  • Cold Cranking Amps – 24 Volt : based on batteries installed
  • Voltage Spike Protection : yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection : yes
  • Weight : 77.2 lbs.
  • Warranty : 1 Year Limited
  • UPC : 010271023998