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The Perfect 24 Volt Charging Solution


We have been asked for several years to bring a portable 24 Volt charger to market. We are happy that we can now say yes to the question when asked if we have one. Our new PL2410 delivers 10A, 6A and 2A charging in both 12 and 24 Volt modes.

The PL2410 is PRO-LOGIX to the core. It features fully automatic operation in all modes and it properly charges all lead acid battery types, including AGM batteries. It features our enhanced maintenance mode, so whether your battery(ies) are on charge for 2 days or two months, they will get exactly what they need. With temperature compensation, you get a beneficial charge no matter what the charging environment. It features integrated cable and clamp management, ensuring the unit isn’t a mess when it is stored.PL2410_qtr

It’s the 24V unit that comes without compromises. Yes, it also provides 12V charging. Yes, it provides full power (10A) in either voltage setting. Yes, it has the latest technology you need to deliver an exceptional charge, no matter the battery type. Yes, it is as good of a maintainer as it is a charger, so if you need to keep the ATV, sports car or RV in optimal condition over the winter, it can do that too.

Powerful, Versatile, Smart… the PL2410 from SOLAR.


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