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Reliable Jump Starting in an Economical Package


A perfect entry-level professional jump starter, the JNC4000 from Jump-n-Carry combines power, reliability and ease-of-use in a durable unit suitable for a variety of starting applications and service environments.

The JNC4000 is a perfect jump starter for a wide variety of jump starting environments, including automotive, marine, industrial and agricultural settings.  It delivers 1100 Peak Amps and 325 Cranking Amps of jump starting power from its Clore PROFORMER battery, which is specifically designed for vehicle jump starting.  Industrial Grade clamps ensure efficient power transfer, penetrating corroded battery terminals with their high-tension springs.

The JNC4000 features a voltmeter to provide specific detail on the state of charge of its internal battery, plus provides information on alternator output once the vehicle has been started.  Its impact resistant case and heavy-gauge flexible cables offer protection and durability in even the harshest of shop environments.  The unit also includes a Repair Service Coupon, which allows for a one-time service of the unit after the warranty period has expired, regardless of the reason for the unit’s damage, for a low, fixed fee.

Powerful, Durable and Economical – JNC4000

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