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Top Rated Jump Starters – Car and Driver


As anyone who has put a Jump-N-Carry jump starter through its paces would expect, our products have gotten a lot of great reviews and accolades from the professional and consumer trade press. To add to that mix, the folks at Car and Driver did extensive testing of jump starters recently.

They came to the same conclusion as other publications, as well as literally millions of automotive enthusiasts, technicians, shops, fleets and tow operators did before them. When it’s time to find the best jump starters in the world, all roads lead to Clore Automotive.

Our products were named best portable jump starter (JNC325) and best shop jump starter (JNC770R) of 2023. We really couldn’t have stated our case any better than they did. Our products get it done for everyone from home wrenchers to the folks using these units 20+ times per day in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Check their testing story here.

As a quick note on the process deployed in the review/article. We supplied them the two units, plus some product information and specifications details. That’s it. As they note in their story, there was no payment from our side for placement or participation, and certainly not as a quid pro quo for a good rating. Their process was totally independent, so much so that we didn’t even know the story was published until weeks later.

So, from our point of view, this is truly an unbiased review, based solely on their experience with the products tested. As we like to say, put us on a level playing field and very quickly, the field isn’t so easy for anyone else. Our units shined, both our traditional lead acid and our lithium. Super happy that their experience matched the experience of so many others that came before them.

2 Responses

  1. This WILL sound stupid, but after doing my research, I found the JNC770R to be the Best
    Jump Starter in the World – so I bought one for each of our vehicles.
    I thought I would put one in the trunk of each vehicle and follow the Clore periodic recharging instructions.I signed-up with you for reminders.I even bought the Clore black protective cover for each one so they would not get dirty.
    Then I bought enough ‘Weather Tech’ bag and box supports (with rubber feet), to hold each one in place, so they could not move around the trunk.
    Note: I talked to to a Very Nice and Intelligent Woman at Core before this purchase.
    She told me ‘Almost’ everything about the 770R – except, to NOT leave them in the car/trunk in the Winter. Like an Iowa Winter ! I later read this on your website after I got everything done.
    So there is one Clore in my wife’s car (after I trained her how to use it properly.) The other is in my cool, dry, workshop – in case my vehicle needs a jump. I’ll get it somehow..
    I appreciate your reminders to charge the unit. I do it even though neither ever loses full
    capacity. That is very kind and thoughtful of you to email a reminder, and I do it !
    Yes, I may sound like an idiot, but at least I’m covered in a multitude of ways if my vehicles
    need a Clore Jump. And I am Not Sorry that I purchased two JNC770R.
    Better two than none.
    NOTE: Please pass this around your company by email, or post it in the lunch room – Everybody needs to laugh more in this life.
    ( I have a different email for your ‘charging reminders.)
    Thank You,

    1. Ed – Thanks for your comments. Sorry for our delay in respoinding. We are glad you are having a goood experience with your JNC770 units. To clarify, during much/most of the winter, storing your JNC unit in the trunk will work out just fine. It is only during times of extreme cold (<-10˚F) that we would suggest bringing your jump starter in from the car overnight. So, I don't think all of your effort is for naught. Agree that everyone should laugh a little more – it sure makes life more pleasant. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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