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What Is the Best Portable Jump Starter for SUVs?

What is the Best Portable Jump Starter for SUVs

If you ever want to start a lively discussion among auto repair techs, just pose the following question: what is the best portable jump starter for SUVs? Then sit back and let the discussion begin. You will hear a variety of opinions all backed up by anecdotal evidence and enough personal stories to fill an afternoon. The real issue is whether the question can actually be answered.

What determines the best portable jump starter for SUVs is largely a matter of opinion. Plenty of brands claim to be the best. They even offer a list of impressive specifications justifying such claims. But in the end, the best option for you is the portable jump starter that delivers as promised while still fitting into your budget.

Clore Automotive recommends shopping around. We are confident that our products are strong contenders worthy of your shortlist. As we like to say, an educated consumer is our friend. Because, the more a user learns about the category, the available products and the comparative value of different feature sets, the more likely they will find their way to us. 

Here are the things you should look for when shopping for a jump starter:

1. Cranking Power

SUVs tend to have larger engines compared to sedans and minivans. A larger engine requires more cranking power, or cranking amps (CA) if you will. The first thing you will need to look for in a portable jump starter for SUVs is a CA rating of 400 amps, at minimum. This would be the requirement for a typical gas-powered SUV or smaller diesel-powered SUV. In.  our range of products, we would be referring to the Booster PAC ES5000, Jump-N-Carry JNC660/JNC770 or the Jump-N-Carry JNC325.

For larger SUVs, particularly large diesels and dual-battery gas-powered SUVs, it makes sense to up your power reserve to a unit that has higher capacity and is capable of deeper cranking. Here, we’d suggest looking at the Booster PAC ES5600, Jump-N-Carry JNC950 or the Jump-N-Carry JNC345.

As always, we caution you to really look at the ratings on the units you are considering. For instance, is the amp value claimed actually defined? Does it just say XXXX Amps (or XXXXA), or does it say CA, or in the case of our lithium units Start Assist Amps (SAA). Typically, the more defined the power rating is, the more reliable it is.

2. Portability

Of course you need portability in a portable jump starter. But what does that mean, exactly? A jump starter that is heavy, bulky, and difficult to manage isn’t as portable as it should be. So, look for just the opposite. Look for something that is light, but still tough. In lead acid units, our JNC660 is very compact, fits in tight spaces and weighs just 18 lbs. Our JNC325 and JNC345 lithium units are lightweight and compact, weighing in at well under 10 lbs., yet pack a serious punch. It makes sense to look for a design that makes the unit easy to handle. Especially in lead acid units, look for a unit that’s easy to transport, has a well thought out handle/carry system, and features sensible cable management and clamp mounting/storage that you’ll actually use.

3. Versatility

A good portable jump starter for SUVs is made even better with additional features. Are the clamps well constructed, with strong biting force to penetrate battery corrosion?  Does the unit feature a 12-volt DC outlet for powering accessories, a LED work light, or other features that will make your life easier? Power is job one, but additional features can be very useful. Our Jump-N-Carry JNC770R features extra-long cable reach, our rugged PowerJaw clamps, fast recharging, a master ON/OFF switch, a 12V power port, two USB outlets and a LED work light.

4. Safety Features

Jump starting an SUV should not be a hazardous proposition. Likewise for charging a portable jump starter. Be sure to look for a unit with built-in safety features, including automatic shutoff and reverse polarity protection. Sticking with well-known brands with a verifiable history of performance and safety is your best bet.

5. Affordability

The budget is always a concern when buying a new piece of service equipment. It is definitely worth spending a little more to get a high-quality product you know you can trust. We regularly hear from the field (pros and consumers alike) that our customers get longer life from their Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry jump starters than competing products. Also, we constantly hear that their Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry jump starters resolved even the most difficult jump starting tasks. When you consider the lifetime value (longer service life + the ability to handle more/most tasks they encounter) of your jump starter investment, you may determine that purchasing a quality product makes the most sense.

Defining the best portable jump starter for SUVs is a very subjective task. Ultimately, you need to decide for yourself what features are most important to you. We believe that our Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry jump starters are worthy of your consideration. Take a look at our inventory and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to offer expert advice.

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