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Booster PAC – Great for Cold College Mornings


“We live in PA and the winters can be very cold. We use a diesel Volkswagen Jetta as a college commuter car for my son. It can be tricky to start when the temps are below zero degrees fahrenheit.

My diesel service mechanic showed me the Booster PAC ES5000 they had at the shop. He told me that it would be a good idea to take one of these to college with the Jetta, in case my son has problems with the very cold temps. He was right.

This Booster PAC is exactly what we need to ensure we can get the car running in very cold weather. My son is a nursing major and, two days a week, he must attend a hospital as part of his college classes. The car must be operational at all times during the semester. The Booster Pac is a fantastic “insurance policy” for a diesel car owner.

If the battery starts to struggle turning over that diesel engine in the very cold temps, he connects the ES5000 and gets her started every time!!! This is a great booster box!!!”

Reading, PA

Ed. Note: Kris was kind enough to share a photo of his beautiful, original and unrestored Porsche 1983 911SC with us as well. Absolutely gorgeous! We are super jealous but also super happy for him. It’s just too good to not share it with our audience as well. We’d love to hear your story about how a Clore product helped you. Also, we’d love to see your ride! Send us a pic and we’ll find a way to highlight it like we did with Kris.

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