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Easy Jump Starting on Mile High Winter Mornings


We were touched when we received this story from Cindy last month. With an invincible spirit and an obvious love of life, her letter lit up our office and we knew we just had to share her story. We’re SUPER THRILLED that her Jump-N-Carry has been so useful to her and made her life a little easier.

“Hi, my name is Cindy, proud owner of a 1991 Acura Legend (her name is Mabel). I live in Denver. Moved here from San Diego around 18 years ago. Coming from sea level to the mile high city has resulted in Mabel not starting in extremely hot or cold weather.

“I have an awesome mechanic, Don, who frequently services Mabel. Other than the non-starting issue, she runs like a champ! I recently beat a very grueling battle with cancer. For five years of my life, I was “fighting the fight” and am so happy and blessed to be here on earth, now feeling great every single day. I wake up with a lot of gratitude and smiles.

“Since it’s winter and extremely cold in the early morning, when I get up to go to work – BAM! – what a drag! – good old Mabel will not start. Having to rely on kind neighbors to get a jump start is great when I am able to get a jump, but I live in a very big apartment complex. I know some people, but not all. So, if I am sandwiched in between two people that I do not know, I am out of luck. I have called AAA and they have rescued me and Mabel several times. JNC300XL_Post_image

“I was geeking out on the internet before Christmas and stumbled on the Jump-N-Carry. It came fully charged and with very easy-to-learn directions. The next day, it was below zero overnight and, of course, Mabel’s battery did not start. I’m still a tad weak from being sick for so long, but this little jewel weighs just 8 pounds, so I carried it down the 3 flights of stairs, hooked up the cables and my senior citizen car started right up within seconds. Wow-Wow-Wow. I feel so happy that I bought this little item.

“I would give the Jump-N-Carry 5 plus gold stars… an A+++. Until I can afford a new car (it will be a sad parting of the ways between Mabel and I, however life goes on). I will recommend this product to absolutely everyone I know.”

Denver, CO

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