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JNC660 Inspires Confidence


We love this story submitted by Joe. It perfectly epitomizes the confidence and trust our customers have in their Jump-N-Carry jump starter. That confidence is so great that, when their JNC doesn’t get the job done, they question the other variables before they question their JNC. Awesome! Joe is not alone. We hear similar stories at almost every show we work. Here’s Joe’s story:

“My keyless ignition car sat in the garage for 66 days. Got the fob and tried to start it – completely dead. Got my wife’s car’s fob and took her car. Left my fob in the house. When I returned home, I checked my JNC660 and it was good to go. Put it on per the instructions. That made all the theft alarms blare but the car would not start.JNC660a

Laid the key fob on the dash. Tried 5 more times — neighbors must have wondered about the blaring alarms. I trusted the JNC660 and knew it should start my car. Because of that confidence, I finally realized — wrong key fob. Went in the house and got mine. Car started immediately!! Confidence in the JNC660 prevented a service call.”

Joe from Las Cruces, NM

We love it. If you don’t trust your jump starter as much as Joe trusts his, maybe it’s time to take a look at


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