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JNC660 to the Rescue!


A neighbor called me one day last summer. Her husband utilizes a wheel chair and had recently been ill. As a result, they had not used their wheel chair accessible van for a few weeks. Their front porch allows them to pull the van next to the porch and manually open the sliding door to lower the van’s wheelchair ramp onto the porch.

That day, after locking the wheel chair into the locking mechanism inside the van, it was discovered the van’s battery was dead.  The wheel chair mechanism locks when the chair enters it and can only be unlocked electronically. Consequently, the husband was locked into the chair and could not be removed through the passenger door because the van was parked next to the porch – the door could not be opened.

I had jumper cables in my car, but they were not long enough to reach the front of the van due to how it was positioned in the driveway. So, we had no way to power the van to release the wheel chair lock. The situation was remedied when a technician arrived with a JNC660.  In a matter of seconds, the van was started and the locking mechanism was released.

My neighbor inquired about the device that the technician used and they purchased their own Jump-N-Carry for peace of mind.

John Walsh
New York

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