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JNCAIR – Multifunctional Dependability


I have owned your JNCAIR for many years now with no regrets. It has a powerful air compressor with a battery that keeps up. I have used the unit to power everything from emergency lighting during a power outage to filling up an ambulance tire to jump starting vehicles.

Its most impressive use was jump starting a 2000 Mercedes Benz S class. There are no jumping points under the hood on this vehicle. The owner only had a valet key and could not open the trunk to get access to the battery (the trunk is motorized). The JNCAIR comes with a thick male to male cigarette lighter adapter cord used to recharge the unit. I simply plugged one end of the cord into the JNCAIR and the other end into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter port (I had previously shut off as many accessories as possible). I quickly pushed the trunk release, providing access to the battery, enabling me to jump start the Mercedes.

This product is well engineered and manufactured. I am especially fond of the clamps that are directly wired on BOTH sides of each clamp. The connection to the battery is critical for a successful jump start and it is one of the key reasons this unit has never let me down.

Koosha Adham
McLean, VA

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