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Long Time JNC660 Owner Wins Clore Prize



Kenneth Snook of Grapeview, WA is the latest winner in our Clore Story contest.  Kenneth submitted a story about his
then 12 year old JNC660
and how it continues to serve him and his family well.  Congratulations Kenneth and thanks
for submitting your great story.  As the Clore Sotry winner, Kenneth won a new BA327 Digital Battery and System Tester
with Integrated Printer (a $600 value).

Kenneth Snook won a BA327 for writing this article.

You too could win (and you are guaranteed a free
T-Shirt) if you submit a story about how a Clore
Automotive product has helped you.  It can be about
any of our products, from jump starters and chargers
to power inverters and fluid exchange equipment.
Submit your story and we’ll send you a T-Shirt as a
thank you and you will be entered in our Clore Story
contest for a chance to win a free BA327 Digital Battery
Tester.  Just click the link to the right to start the process.

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