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Nothing Like Old Faithful


Hello Folks! First, Thank You for manufacturing a GREAT product. I recently replaced our old trusty and ever faithful friend, the ES7000, with a new ES6000. In my mind, there was simply no other choice!!! Our old ES7000 Booster PAC was purchased in the winter of 1997.

In the beginning, I was VERY skeptical as how could these things replace the “Hot Start” engine driven unit in the bed of my truck??? It was only until I had seen that very model (ES7000) of Booster PAC start a 72-31 Terex front loader on a -10 degree winter morning in Western New York. The batteries on the Terex weren’t flat lined, but they wouldn’t crank the 4-71T Detroit either. Another mechanic friend brought his ES7000 Booster PAC out of his truck, connected it, and I started the Terex!!! After that morning, I purchased one for my shop just after lunch the same day!

We have had it all of these years, until yesterday. I replaced the batteries in 2008 and they just finally died again in 2017. I thought this time around, it was time to recycle old faithful and get a new replacement. Of course, there was no question – it would be a replacement in kind and the same.

We now have an ES6000. I haven’t a single doubt, I’ll have it to the end of my career as a Mechanic. After all, that will be 40+ Years in total!

All The Best,

Youngstown, NY

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