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Record JNC Longevity?

Jack Story 2023-10e

Ed. Note: We hear from many users who get extreme longevity from their Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry units. It is not unheard of (though it certainly is not the norm) for users to report getting 8-12 years of service from their units. This story is the longest unit longevity we’ve heard reported from the field, which is why, despite it being very short, we are spotlighting it.

“Wanted to jump start my ‘56 Chevy and my 2003 JNC660 would not charge to the green area of DC Volts! 20 years of usage was awesome, so now, purchasing a new JNC660 with some upgraded features is a plus. Want to thank the company for making an excellent product!!!!”

Annville , PA

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