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SOLAR BA9 Digital Battery & System Tester


Fast and Convenient Battery Assessment

The BA9 is the newest addition to the SOLAR Battery Tester family. The BA9 is a pocket-sized battery and system tester for 12 Volt batteries, featuring an easy-to-read display and a testing capacity of 40 to 1200 CCA. The BA9 Battery and SystemBA9-with-Clamps Tester features an operating range of 7-15V and is optimized to test four distinct battery types: Conventional Flooded Acid, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral Wound and Gel Cell batteries. It also features the convenience of starting and charging system testing, offering quick assessment and providing both a numerical result and a pass/fail result. The BA9 comes with a new LCD display that offers greater detail throughout the testing process and is optimal for reading results in bright sunlight. It also features reverse polarity protection to avoid damage from reverse hookups and over-voltage protection when attached to a system with voltage exceeding 15V.

Simple and Accurate Battery Testing by SOLAR

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  1. Do you have a tester to test Interstate marine and RV batteries? Like deep cycle batteries?
    John @ 715-215-1244

    1. John – For any of our testers, we require that the battery have starting rating (CCA, CA, etc.). Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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