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The (Way More Than) Basic Service Bay Battery Charger


The SOLAR PRO-LOGIX Model No. PL2310, a 10 Amp Automatic Battery Charger / Maintainer / Power Supply, provides advanced, versatile service capability for professional technicians. It can provide fast charging capability, long-term storage charge capability and power supply support for a variety of diagnosis, repair and maintenance applications. In other words, it is an all-around MVP in busy mechanical and collision repair shops.

When it comes to charging, the PL2310 delivers trademark PRO-LOGIX precision, providing a beneficial custom charge routine to each battery serviced. Charge delivery is customized based on battery type, battery condition, battery state of charge, environmental conditions and more, to ensure that every charge routine results in improved battery condition with restored reserve capacity. With PRO-LOGIX, charging is easy:  simply select the battery voltage, the battery type, your desired charge rate and press “START” to commence the automatic charging routine. The charger does the rest. Plus, it can properly charge all lead acid battery types – Conventional, Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries.

When it comes to long term storage charging – whether 1 week, 1 month or 1 year – it’s tough to beat PRO-LOGIX. Our models feature an enhanced maintenance mode to keep a battery in an optimal state until it is time to put it into service. With temperature compensation, we ensure that we’re precisely dialing in the power delivery for improved battery health, which is critical when charging over extended periods. Plus, with three different charge rates, it is easy to find a charge setting that matches to batteries of all sizes.

When it comes to power supply support for other applications, the PL2310 makes this task smooth and easy. In PS mode, the PL2310 will provide current, on demand from 0-10A, to maintain the vehicle’s electrical system at 14.1V to create a stable electrical environment for other tasks. What we mean by “on demand” is, if the system requires very little current to support the target vehicle voltage, we will only supply low current, but if demand is high and we need to provide higher current to support the target vehicle voltage, we will increase our current delivery. And the PL2310 delivers its power exactly as the vehicle wants it, super clean with almost no voltage ripple and rapid response to changes in load demand.

The PRO-LOGIX PL2310 provides versatile, beneficial service to a wide variety of battery types and offers the multiple functions needed in a busy shop. It is perfect for deployment in each service bay, supporting the “hood goes up, charger goes on” reality of modern vehicle service. It works all day, just as hard and as smart as you do.

Charge Smart, Charge Safe, with 

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    1. David – Thanks for your question. The warranty period varies by model, but most items are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanshp for one year from the date of end user purchase. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

    1. Oliver – Thanks for your question. The price of the PL2310 (item featured in thois story) varies from reseller to reseller. We do not set the final cost. That said, it is typically around $90-$100. Other models can be lower or higher, based on their power output and other features. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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