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Versatile Power on Set and Off


ES5000“I have a Booster PAC ES5000 and I can’t tell you guys how much I have used it and how valuable it has been on the jobs I do. I work in the film industry on commercials. I have used it on almost every job I have been on. Sometimes, it rides around in my vehicle for days and days not having to be recharged. Then, when I take it out, it works without failure. CS_FilmI have used it on everything from big trucks and motor homes to dead cars on the street and even police motorcycles. I also have a small 12V air pump and use it on set for flat camera cart tires. I have even used the ES5000 on camping trips to run my C-Pap machine.

This is one of the most used tools in my garage. And I never go anywhere away from home without it. I highly recommend this product!”

Richard Hampton,
Petaluma, CA

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