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We Tame the Cold Like Nobody Else


If you reside in North America, the mercury is dropping and, despite this week’s brief warmup, old man winter is definitely knocking on the door. This morning in KC, we had frost on the cars, lows around 27˚F and many people in town likely ran into issues getting their vehicles started. And that’s just a preview of much colder temperatures typically seen in the weeks to come.

One good way to be well prepared when cold weather strikes is to own a quality jump starter that is effective in the conditions most likely to cause a low or dead battery. As we always say, it’s relatively easy to make a jump starter that’s effective when it’s 80˚F outside. The true test of a jump starter is when it is needed in freezing and even subzero temperatures. 

That’s exactly where we shine. Whether we are hearing from customers in Saskatoon, Buffalo, Missoula or Fairbanks, the story is pretty consistent – their Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry jump starters make their life better and easier, turning what could be a major problem into a blip on their radar. Our lead acid and lithium jump starters are built to perform in the most extreme situations and this includes cold temperatures and extreme cold temperatures.

Lead Acid

Our Booster PAC and Jump-N-Carry traditional AGM lead acid models contain batteries that are specifically designed to perform the vehicle jump starting task. We usually say that what this means is that our jump starters deliver exceptional cranking power, long cranking duration, many jumps per charge and a long service life, all of which is true. In addition, our purpose-built batteries also deliver excellent cold temperature performance, for two reasons.

First, because we start with so much power (under normal temperatures), our units have the surplus of power needed to be effective even as the temperature drops and the battery’s starting power is reduced by the cold. Second, because jump starting in extremely cold temperatures more closely resembles a short circuit (from an electrical standpoint), all of the added construction we build into our batteries allows them to withstand the extra abuse that results from cold temperature usage. In other words, they are exactly what you need when winter rolls around.

ES5000 12V Jump Starter with 1500 Peak Amps of Starting Power
JNC770R 12V Jump Starter with 1700 Peak Amps of Starting Power


We take the same approach when it comes to our Jump-N-Carry lithium jump starters. They are built from the ground up for jump starting, delivering the same benefits as our traditional units. But, with lithium units, our robust construction is even more critical. There are many lithium units on the market that do OK at normal room temperature, but are ineffective when it comes to cold temperature performance. There are many reasons for this, but often it comes down to cost. To build a lithium battery and jump starter that performs well in the cold takes knowhow and the willingness to invest in a better, more robust battery, similar to what we do with our traditional AGM batteries.

The proof is in the pudding. We rate our JNC325 unit as effective to start a wide variety of passenger vehicles, to V8 engine size, in temperatures as low as -10˚F. If you live in a very cold locale, we rate our JNC345 unit as effective to start a wide variety of passenger vehicles, to V8 size, in temperatures as low as -23˚F. Although this difference may seem trivial, it is actually very significant in terms of the additional power needed at -23˚F vs -10˚F.

So, no matter the type of jump starter you choose to deploy, you can count on Clore Automotive jump starters to provide stellar performance and reliable service in all working environments, including the extreme cold.

JNC325 12V Lithium Jump Starter 450 Cold Cranking Amps
JNC345 12V Lithium Jump Starter 550 Cold Cranking Amps

2 Responses

  1. I am interested in getting another jump start power pack ok bit with the Air Nozzle to blow up your car tires ok so please let me know how to order another one like this ok because I have one but the unit won’t charge up because I don’t have the Boerner adapter to charge this unit up ok thank you.

    1. Carol – Thanks for your question. We have two air models, the JNC550A and the JNCAIR. The JNCAIR is designed to be used everyday in a shop or roadside assist environment. The JNC550A is designed for a slightly less extreme usage condition, but is still a fabtastic unit with high performance. Clore products can be found in most outlets serving the needss of professional tool and equipment users, including most NAPA, Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper, Carquest, independent auto parts stores as well as a wide variety of online outlets. Not all physical locations have all products in stock at any given time, so it’s best to call ahead. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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