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BA9 Saves the Boat Trip

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“As a longtime home enthusiast of cars, boats, motorcycles and any other motorized toy, I learned a long time ago to never take a battery for granted. Working for Auto Parts companies most of my life, I have tested my fair share of batteries. But, it was that faithful day of boating with the family and the kids playing around on the boat that made me realize the value of my little BA9 tester.

I had left the kids messing around on the boat while I set up the chairs and beach items on the island. There were no keys or anything to really get the kids in trouble on the boat, so I wasn’t too worried. I got everyone out and onto the beach and the day began, but what I hadn’t realized is they had turned on every switch on the dash panel. Serious battery drain started immediately.

When we got ready to leave, that’s when the realization set in that we might need a tent and a friend. I grabbed my little [SOLAR] BA9 that works on AGM batteries (it goes everywhere with me) and started testing the batteries. I was able to find the strongest of the three batteries as a lead battery and parallel a second weaker battery behind it to get enough power to get us started and home. Without the BA9, I never would have known which of those batteries to even start with on the project.”

South Pasadena, FL

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