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Charging Versatility from PRO-LOGIX


Combining fully automatic operation, the ability to properly charge multiple battery types and engine starting assistance capabilities, the new PRO-LOGIX PL2545 is an ideal all-purpose charger to meet the needs of technicians and home enthusiasts. Intelligent, beneficial, safe and versatile – one charger does it all, from fast charging and battery repair to engine starting assistance and long term storage charging. Plus, with the ability to properly charge virtually any lead acid battery type, it is the only charger you will need. Flooded, AGM, Gel Cell, Spiral Wound, Start-Stop, Marine and Deep Cycle batteries all can be charged properly with the PL2545.

Here are just a few of its capabilities:

  • 12 Volt battery charging
  • 12 Volt engine starting assistance
  • 20/10/2A 12V charge rates
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Advanced multi-phase charging process
  • Properly charges all lead acid battery types
  • Soft Start Mode for severely depleted batteries
  • Recondition Mode rejuvenates distressed batteries
  • Enhanced maintenance mode for ideal long term storage
  • Temperature compensation for more effective charging
  • Forced start feature allows it to service totally dead batteries
  • Reverse Polarity Protection and Battery Fault Detection
  • Data rich display provides detailed feedback during charging

Smart, Effective Battery Service – that’s PRO-LOGIX.
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