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ES5000 Overcomes the Elements


“I live in Alaska, where we endure long dark winters with temperatures in the negatives. It is the norm to have engine block and oil pan heaters installed. Prior to this, my trusty 1999 Dodge Dakota has seen winters in Colorado, South Dakota and even Iceland.


Back then, I would carry an ordinary jump starter and after the first attempt to jump my truck, it would be useless. Which brings me to the ES5000. Fully charged, I leave it in my truck all winter and I NEVER have a problem starting my truck.


Two Christmases ago, I left my truck in long term parking for 10 days. When I got back, I learned that we had brutal negative temperatures. As expected, my truck did not start. I pulled out the ES5000 that had been in the truck and started my truck, plus 3 cars and a diesel truck. Not only did it still have charge, but because of its size, I was able to help those that parked facing in – making it impossible to get a regular jump start.

I now have one in each of my vehicles and so do my friends and their families, as the word gets passed on. The ES5000 gave me peace of mind when I drove through Yukon, where I would be lucky to see one car a day. Thanks again!”



Wasilla, AK

Also, here’s a photo we took while on our trip on Route 66. 

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  1. I also have an ES5000. I upgraded from an ES2500 a couple years ago. My neighbors and I thank you for a great product. Oh, and the ES2500 I gave to my son and is still going strong even after 15 years old!

    1. Patrick – Thanks for your comment. We are really glad that your Booster PAC models are serving you so well. You might have the record for years of service with that ES2500. That’s great to hear. Thanks, Jim from Clore Automotive

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