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Poorly Installed Part Almost Derails the Trip


Here’s a quick diagnostic feel good story, provided by Darren in Arkansas. His customer was about to head out of town on a trip when their vehicle started displaying a Theft Warning. Confused, since the vehicle seemed to be running properly, the vehicle owner called Darren. That’s when the fun began.

In this “all’s well that end’s well” tale, Darren had his customer bring the vehicle in and started his diagnostic process. Immediately, he got a bunch of low voltage codes, which led him straight to the battery, where he found some abnormal behavior. Let’s just say that resolving the issue involved undoing the work of an ex-spouse who may have cut a few corners on a previous repair. The good news was, it was a quick blip on the radar screen and the customer was able to make their trip.

Darren notes the strange outcome and how the issue presented itself, which is not what you would have expected, hence his desire to share it with the community in the hopes that he could save others quite a bit of time and hassle. Check out the full story by clicking the graphic below.

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