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A Most Useful Birthday Present

Birthday_JNC_620px“Last night, I received a Jump-N-Carry for my 78th birthday. Today, I used it 4 times!

It was a nice day, so I thought I would get the tractor out and mow the yards. I figured the battery on the tractor was probably low and I would have to jump it. In the past, I either pushed the tractor all the way to the front yard so I could jump it with my truck, or drive the truck into the back for the same purpose.

But, I had a new Jump-N-Carry. I hooked it to the tractor battery and it fired right up. I mowed the front and shut the tractor off for a break. After a glass of tea, I got back on the tractor, which refused to start. Back to the Jump-N-Carry. Each time I shut the tractor down, I had to use the Jump-N-Carry to restart it.

I don’t know if I should keep the Jump-N-Carry in my shop or in my truck. Maybe I need two of them. Perhaps next birthday?”

Beltsville, MD




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  1. Johnny Ellerson says:

    I own the same one and even my co-workers are glad that I do! Great piece of equipment at a fair price. I don’t leave home without mine. It does make a great gift.

  2. Mr. Ellerson – Thanks for your comment. We’re glad it has served you well.

  3. George Castonguay says:

    I’ve had an ES5000 for several years now and would be lost without it. I was putting an electric fuel pump into my old plow truck the other day and wanted to test it out before I wired it so I just got out the ES5000 and used it as a nice portable 12 power source. It’s a lot easier than lugging a battery around and I think a heck of a lot more powerful as well.

  4. Mr. Castonguay, Thanks for your great comment. We are glad your ES5000 has served you well. It is a great power source, as you have noted. Thanks again, Jim from Clore Automotive

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