“Well, I work for a very large family owned cable TV company as a construction supervisor. I received a call from a crew leader stating that, not only was the 12V battery in his machine up in the mountain stone cold flat, but now his work truck battery was dead.ES5000

Sooo, out I went. Upon arriving on the scene and taking my trusty jump pack along on a hike up in the woods, I was able to get his machine, which is a four cylinder diesel and is only able to move by the hydraulic system, up and running. Started with ease.

Now, on to the gasoline work truck. Upon checking her out, I realized that the alternator was not putting out any voltage, so I connected my ES5000 Booster PAC to the battery, got her started and left it hooked up. Then, using rubber bungie cords, I attached it to the grill of the truck and inserted a block of wood under the hood so the cables would not become chaffed. We loaded the machine onto the trailer.

The crew leader was able to drive 45 miles back to the shop using the ES5000 jump pack to power the electrical system of the truck the whole way back. Now, granted, I made sure that no additional drain was put on the pack by pulling the headlight wires off, but he ran the 45 mile trip back to home base with no problems at all. That was a major save for my guys and me. The pack was then recharged without a glitch and has been used again with no problem.

Thanks for building a fantastic product guys.”

Reading, PA





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  1. Instead of pulling the wires off the headlights to save energy you can usually put the parking brake on to the first click. The daytime running lights usually go off when the parking brake is applied and if it is only to the first click the brakes should not drag.

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