Power Inverters are used in a wide variety of situations to drive tool, equipment and appliances when access to AC power is not readily available. TPI20000Xhis could include powering electronics within a vehicle, powering grills and portable stereos at a tailgate or on a campout, or powering a backup sump pump during a storm.

Not all power inverters are created equal, though, so it is important to understand your power requirements and match the product you buy to your needs. In addition, it is critical that you look at the entire power delivery system, including your DC power source and input cables, when considering your inverter installation and usage.




2 thoughts on “How much power do I need?”

  1. just purchased a jnc 660 & now realize I need a dc- ac power inverter, according to the jnc specs 400 watts is maximum, is that in or output. also what about the cable connect from the inverter to the jnc male plug, plz advise: recommendation, cost, purchase site/ local dealer (19136).
    thanx u

    1. Frank – What we are referring to the capacity of the power inverter, which is typically rated in watts. So, we are saying that it is best to not exceed 400W, since you won’t get more power than that through the 12V power outlet on the unit. If you were to purchase a 400W inverter, it should come with a male 12V connector cable (this is typically included with lower capacity power inverters – <800W). We suggest making sure the one you buy has this connector. Of course, we could recommend our 500W PI5000X, which is a little higher in output. You would just need to be sure you don't overload the jump starter's output capability through the 12V power outlet, which has a circuit breaker, which limits its power. If you were to exceed the outlet's capacity, the circuit breaker would blow and, once the overload was removed, it would reset. As to a recommended 400W model in the marketplace, we do not have a recommendation. As always, we would say that quality pays for itself, so it is best to invest on a quality tool/piece of equipment.

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