Booster PAC Saves the Day

I am the Club President for our local amateur radio club, K7EFA. We have radio repeaters in some rather high places around our community. The highest is at 9000 feet above sea level at a local ski facility. Members and myself make numerous trips to these repeater sites to maintain the repeater systems and either open them up for the summer or close them up in the winter to keep the snow and cold out.

A recent trip to the mountain top site was last winter, during the third week of October. We already had 2 feet of snow to plow through to get within walking distance of the site and had to carry test equipment about a 1/4 mile to the site. One of our members wanted to take all of us in his older vehicle. We thought that would be great and it wasn’t until we were ready to leave that the vehicle’s battery was dead.

We were at 9000 feet in the forest and all of the ski mountain employees had left for the day. If we needed someone to come and help us, someone needed to walk down about two miles to the gate to open the gate to let them in. So that was not a good idea, as most of us are 50-60 years old and it was getting dark outside. Good thing for LED flashlights.

I always bring my hand held fully charged Booster PAC ES5000 with me when I venture in the high country. It saved the day for us and saved us a lot of walking downhill through the snow. Everyone was impressed how well it worked. I have even connected radios to it for temporary emergency power for emergency communications. Best jump starter I have ever purchased. The other guys thought I would not need the ES5000, but we did need it and it saved the day. What a wonderful product.

This weekend I will be headed back to the same repeater site and guess what I will have with me? My trusty ES5000. 
Just in case. LOL.

Glenn Kanvick