We are excited to introduce new lithium based jump starters in the Jump-N-Carry  and Booster PAC brands. These great new models combine best in breed battery technology, robust construction and useful features that deliver utility and convenience to busy shops and serious enthusiasts alike.

We’ve said it many times before, but it bears repeating – when it comes to jump starters, it’s all about the battery. Our new lithium models utilize high discharge, best in breed lithium batteries to deliver strong cranking power, extended cranking duration and multiple jumps per charge. Our lithium cells are UL-approved and have a wide operating range that allows them to deliver the goods in all temperature situations (more on this below).

But, a lithium battery is a different animal from the AGM battery we use in our traditional units and calls for a safety package that’s as smart and comprehensive as the batteries are advanced and powerful. That’s what you get with our new models: reverse polarity protection, backfeed protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection. These features are built into the smart cable included with each model, as well as incorporated into the battery management system (BMS) inside each unit.

OK. So, we have an advanced battery design that delivers power and performance. Next, a jump starter needs to be able to stand up to repeated use in the harsh shop environment. Our new models feature impact resistant, dual molded ABS housings, full size clamps that can withstand continuous use patterns, large buttons that are easily operated with mechanic’s gloves on and fast, easy automatic recharging.

Then come the features that improve performance, extended utility or bring added convenience to the jump starter. We stack up well here also, starting with the PreHeatTM technology featured on the two larger units, JNC318 and ES580. This switch-activation technology will warm the battery in cold temperature environments, increasing the functional starting capacity of the jump starter. One limitation of current generation lithium battery technology is increased sensitivity to cold temperatures vs. lead acid batteries. Our PreHeat technology mitigates this limitation quickly and easily for improved cold temperature performance.

All units feature multi-voltage power supply functionality, with 12V 10A output as well as 5V USB output. The two larger units include a female 12V adapter that allows the unit to power accessories or to be used as a memory saver with our ESA30 Memory Saver Connector. This enables the operator to save system settings and electronic presets during a battery change application. The two larger units incorporate dual USB outlets, while the two lower capacity units incorporate a single USB outlet to power small electronics and other devices.

All models feature a high intensity LED flashlight, great for nighttime jump starting and other emergency situations, and are packaged in convenient zipper cases for easy transportation and storage. Both Jump-N-Carry models include a Repair Service Coupon, which allows for a one-time out-of-warranty repair of the unit for a fixed fee ($70 for the JNC311; $85 for the JNC318). No matter what happened to the unit or the reason for the damage, you can send it to us with the original coupon plus your payment and we’ll fix it and send it back to you. It is a convenience feature that thousands of Jump-N-Carry customers appreciate and utilize every year.

There are many different styles of jump starters in the market, both in North America and around the world. They come in all shapes and sizes and, more recently, feature a wider range of “power engines” than in the past. With battery technology evolving so quickly, as we have written about often in the past related to the area of battery charging, there is a new or different jump starter flavor appearing regularly these days. Lithium battery technology is one of the newer “power engines’ found in jump starters of recent years.

But, no matter the underlying technology, the basic fundamentals of the jump starting application always apply. We have to get a major power push out of the jump starter and into the disabled vehicle to get running again, effectively, efficiently and safely. This part of the equation never changes. So, when you are looking for a jump starting solution, whether you want to adopt lithium with its many conveniences or want to rock it old school, turn to the brands that have lead the way since we invented this product category nearly 25 years ago. You won’t be disappointed.