Professional Power in a Surprisingly Compact PackageJump N Carry JNC300XL

The Jump-N-Carry 900 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter with Flashlight, Model No. JNC300XL, delivers power beyond its stature to provide reliable jump starting in a wide variety of professional application environments.  A great combination of power and portability, the JNC300XL packs the punch of 900 Peak Amps of starting power into a unit that weighs just 9 lbs.


It features Clore PROFORMER battery technology, specifically designed for vehicle jump starting, to deliver exceptional starting power, extended cranking duration and long service life. It also features a high intensity work light to aid in nighttime and other emergency jump starting situations.  A complete list of features is below:


– 900 Peak Amps
– 225 Cranking Amps
– 27″ #4 AWG welding cable leads
– Full-size clamps to penetrate battery corrosion
– LED battery status indicator
– High intensity work light
– Grip-Lock clamp storage
– DC outlet to power 12 Volt accessories
– Includes wall charger and Male-Male 12V extension cord
– 1 year limited warranty


Give it a try and you’ll find out what many professional technicians, mobile tool dealers and auto parts countermen already know – the JNC300XL delivers the goods like some jump starters twice its size.  It has worked for thousands and will deliver for you too.
When it needs to start, count on Jump-N-Carry.