Brains of a smart charger. Brawn of a wheel charger.
A match made in battery service heaven.

The new SOLAR PRO-LOGIX 6/12V Wheel Charger, Model No. PL3730, provides three operational modes for comprehensive service:  auto charge, manual charge and engine start. Auto charge mode utilizes an advanced, microprocessor-controlled process to deliver an optimal charge to each battery serviced, regardless of size or type. No guesswork or mystery… if it is a lead-acid battery, it can be charged right with PRO-LOGIX.

The PRO-LOGIX charging process results in improved battery condition and restored reserve capacity. Special Soft Start and Recondition routines automatically engage as needed. Whether your battery is new or in need of reconditioning, PRO-LOGIX is the charger for you. Plus, with Smart Clamp Technology, automatic operation and numerous safety features, PRO-LOGIX brings unsurpassed safety to your everyday battery charging needs.

The PL3730 features multiple charge rates for service versatility:  60/40/15/5A (6/12V). It also features 275 Amps of 12V Engine Starting Assistance. An LCD display provides rich detail for easy operational set-up and monitoring. Status lights alert the operator to the charger’s operational status and provide warning of charging errors. The unit is shipped fully assembled, saving time and effort right from the start.

Charge Smart, Charge Safe… with SOLAR